What are storage tanks? Storage tanks, liquid chemical substances (acid and caustic types, paint types, hypo) and so on. tanks designed for storage. It has a wide usage area and mostly industrial industry, automotive, metal, food, fertilizer, bio energy and so on. It may be used.

Depolama Tank İmalatı Kocaeli

PP PE depolama tank imalatları

PP PE depolama tank imalatları












Storage tanks for use in outdoor and indoor environments; temperature and chemical resistance of our engineers by calculating the most appropriate material and thickness is determined. Suitable Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) plastic plates are produced in conical and cylindrical shapes at desired diameters and lengths. The new technology is extruder and tanks which are produced by forehead welding production method. The tanks are very easy to maintain since there is no tacky surface. Tanks that are easy to carry because they are lightweight materials; it does not pollute vital resources such as water and soil because it has an environmental characteristic. It has a recycling feature that you can use again.

Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks Production Characteristics

The product is rolled by cold bending with plastic sheet bending machine. The bottom and top roof assembly of the rolled plastic plate is joined with the extruder welding method. Valve outlets are added for liquid filling and drainage drainage of the product, which is completely tank shaped; our valuable customers are ready to sell. The changes that need to be made on the product can be easily applied on your site with the extrude welding.

The fore weld application occurs as a result of bonding the plastic parts of two plastics to each other by applying heat. The extruder welding application is to heat the plastic bar equally with the hot air supplied to the plastic plate; It consists of welding application similar to silicon application on the surface to be welded.

What are the Superiorities of Storage Tanks and the Features to Watch Out for?

It does not suffer corrosion, so its chemical resistance is very high. It has a neutral property and does not react with metals on that side. Can be rolled spirally. Quakes like earthquakes do not suffer damage from sucking. Guaranteed life for external effects is 50-100 years. As the molecule does not break off from the molecular chains, the abrasion resistance is very high.

The product is resistant to impact and is particularly fragile in cold weather conditions, so tanks need to be secured with safety barriers.

Polipropilen PP Tank

Polypropylene PP Tank

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Polyethylene PE Tank Manufacturing

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Depolama Tankı İmalatı

Storage Tank Production

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PP PE Depolama Tank İmalatı Kocaeli

Storage Tank

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Polietilen Tank İmalatı Kocaeli

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PP PE depolama tank imalatları

Storage Tank Manufacturing and Assembly

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