Scrubber systems are devices that are used to purge gases and purge one or two components contained in them through liquid. At the same time, the drums are used to clean minerals.


Scrubber systems are widely used in various industrial chemical processes in the capture of coking products, in the desalination of industrial gases, in the dampening and cooling of gases. Gas purifiers are based on the process of purifying gases by liquid. The gases are washed with water or another solution, which is gas purified during the mixture and interaction. This mixing method is called wet treatment method.

With this method it is possible to purify the gases from all sizes of particles. The wet treatment method is mechanical and is used in the final stage of the cooling process. Wet purifiers use different surfaces to mix gases and liquids. By means of wet treatment, it is possible to get rid of all the dirt in the gas thanks to the contamination of condensed particles heavier than dirt.


Each scrubber system has its own characteristics, but the basic method remains the same, which is the wet treatment method. The common name of the device is “wet scrubber”. Working principle is as follows; The gas to be refined with the fan procedure is drawn into the scrubber and collided with the raching rings in the scrubber; bottom down washing process. The liquid used in the wash is usually water, but it is also possible to use another effective liquid. Drops of water from the other material surround the solid powder particles and thus separate them from the gas. After this process, the gas that has been cleaned is returned to the atmosphere. The remaining technical liquid (i.e. slurry) is discharged from the discharge through the scrubber system.


Advantages of scrubbers made from polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) sheets; the easy maintenance of periodic maintenance, the absence of any corrosion of the scrubbed gas in the scrubber, and the possibility of repair in a possible situation. You can supply all kinds of scrubber systems suitable for your needs. Our scrubber systems will provide you with high quality service for a long time. It will be easy to get rid of dust particles of any size in the gases and you will be comfortable without having to check the scrubber frequently. Thanks to our scrubber systems that can be used in the industry, you will get smokeless healthy working environments. The human health and environmental friendly scrubber environment ministry will bring your chimney measurement values to desired levels. We are waiting for your company to benefit from good quality and reasonable prices.

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