Piping Systems | Tanks, machines, mixers, ventilation systems, and transfer, fill and drain piping systems, which are connected to immersion baths, are produced by us in all areas we manufacture. We are preparing a healthier working environment thanks to Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) and PVC plastic piping systems for our valued customers.

Piping Systems

Plastic Piping Properties

The advantages of plastic PP, PE and PVC, which we use in production as a study of the piping systems, easy to use, easy to repair, lightweight product advantage, low cost and resistance to all kinds of chemicals. If you come to the question why you should choose us; we prepare your project by making explorations with your expert cadets in your place according to your needs and the chemical values ​​you have used. We offer the best price and fastest service by organizing meetings with our valued customers and exchanging information about the project we have prepared.

Polyethylene (PE) pipes are available for fore welding and electro fusion welding. The mouth surfaces of the pipes to be welded are formed by cutting and pasting with the help of resistance and gluing each other with pressure. Electrofusion welding can be applied to PE fittings which are specially produced electric rods. This method has two electrodes; and a type of welding which is applied on the basis of temperature, voltage and time values ​​suitable for each material. There is a risk of missing zero if both methods are implemented correctly.

Plastic Piping Advantage

It is inevitable that the flammable material is concentrated in your production process. Electrofusion welding and pre-welding method is applied during plastic pipe fitting and welding process. In this regard, we are engaged in studies that do not present flammable and slag hazards. The application is faster and there are no boring systems that you can use for many years without any oxidation.

Resistance to all chemical types of thermo plastic polyethylene, polypropylene and pvc pipes varies. Analyzes are made and evaluated by our expert teams and the most appropriate product application is planned for your needs.

We serve all over the World, not just selling but we are serving after-sales technical support to our customers. We offer our products to you attentions and designing them according to your special needs in terms of earning your satisfaction.

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