Mixer (Mixer) We manufacture for the needs of the industrial sector. It continues to operate as a company that has proven its customers’ ability to accurately determine their requirements and then produce the technological product that is needed. Mixer (paint) and chemical mixer mixers are manufactured by us after the needs that we have determined.

Paint and Chemical Mixers

Mixers Manufactured for use as paint and chemical mixer have a wide range of vision. They are machines that are designed for all kinds of mixing and pre-dispersion / dispersion processes of solid materials in liquid, and exhibit very high power and speed with mixer and shredder.

Mixer Usage Areas

Mixer paint and chemical mixer mixers are produced with high technology by our company. Among the areas they frequently use are the following. Cosmetics Industry, Pharmacy and Biochemistry Industry, Food Industry, General Chemistry Industry, Paint and Byproducts Industry, Plant Protection Products Industry, Agricultural Medicines and Insecticides and Herbicides. areas of use.

PE mikser tank

Mixing mixers made of high-tech plastic are reinforced from the body with steel chassis and made to be easily usable in the mix of chemicals as a result of the mixer blades being covered with PP plastic on the steel. The mixers that can be applied in the desired length diameter are completely plastic and are obtained by plastic coating of steel used parts. All products mixed in this way have no risk of sticking to the shell, and the mixing of the chemicals is rusted and the formation of oxides is gone. You can communicate with us for the mixers you can use with confidence for many years.

PP PE Mixing Tank Manufacturing

PP PE Mixing Tank Manufacturing | These mixers, which are predominantly used in paint and chemical mixing, are used specifically for product mixing in different sectors. According to the density of the product to be mixed, the size of the tank and the design of the reducer are made and the appropriate tank is obtained.…


Chemical Mixing Tank

Chemical Mixing Tank | Tanks used in paint and chemical mixes provide convenience in production areas. Tanks designed to the developing technology are important in the mix of chemical substances. Tanks used for sedimentation prevention, reaction acceleration and mixture preparation are designed to be used safely for many years. The quality of the tanks that…

PP yağ ayırıcı arıtma tank imalatı

Professional Approaches in Tank Manufacturing

Professional Approaches in Tank Manufacturing | In our production center where the latest technology is used, we use automatic and semi-automatic welding, automatic surface coating and advanced engineering and manufacturing technologies. High Quality and Safe Tank Production Our company has a vision to have years of experience in the production of industrial tanks. It has…

PP scrubber imalatı

Chemical Tank Manufacturing And Solutions

Chemical Tank Manufacturing And Solutions | Companies in the chemical industry do not want a company that can only meet the required specifications, they want a company that understands their industry and the challenges they face. Our experience and knowledge of chemical tanks related to the chemical industry ensures that the companies we work with…


Plastic Mixer Mixers

Plastic Mixer Mixers | The universe comes from the formation of various atoms. Atoms form elements and the elements also define the chemical nature of a structure. Various chemical mixtures make up various substances. People have solved this formula a long time ago and have begun to mix the ingredients for the chemical substance they…

Plastik Karıştırıcı Tank İmalatı

Plastic Mixing Tank Manufacturing

Plastic Mixer Tank Manufacturing | Mixer tanks, which differ in terms of usage, allow mixing products in a variety of ways and allowing them to be kept on the tank for a short time by mixing the products. Depending on the material contained in the mixer, the dimensions of the tank and mixer design can…

PP PE depolama tank imalatları

Plastic Tank And Top Technologies

Plastic Tank And Top Technologies | Previously everything was based on human power. This necessity led to the fact that the work put forward at that time was scarce and qualitatively much weaker than technological systems. Together with the development of the chemical chemical industry, manual types of tanks were put on the market. However,…