bkm plast kurumsal

In the thermoplastic sector we were laid in 2012, we have progressed firmly and confidently to the day. Thanks to these confident steps we have provided the best service to many factories with country and world leaders. We have decided that the customer satisfaction we receive and the qualifications we have become independent are now independent and we have established BKM INDUSTRIAL PLASTIC ENGINEERING company.
BKM Industrial Plastic Engineering, which is a specialist team in the field of 1.500m2 closed area business and customer satisfaction first, has been a company producing solutions to fulfill the desired service by fulfilling the required chimney measurement requirements from the Ministry of Environment with appropriate calculations of process areas.
Made from polypropylene, polyethylene and PVC plastic materials
Chemical pipe lines, chemical storage tanks, acid caustic dipping baths, galvanizing plant installation, treatment tanks, concrete and floor coatings, gas treatment systems (scrubber), chemical product mixer tanks (mixer) we are at your service with our special customers with special production of unloading pipelines and odor absorbers.